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Italy > Basilicata

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About this region of Italy - Basilicata:

Though not very well-known, Basilicata is without doubt a region with considerable tourist potential. It has long been one of Italy's poorest regions.
All along the coast are small seaside resorts, like Lido di Metaponto, (with its archeological remains), Marina di Pisticci
Marina di Pisticci
, Lido di Scanzano, Lido di Policoro.
The city of Matera is the region's true highlight. It is built on the side of an impressive ravine with prehistoric dwellings forming a separate enclave that contrasts vividly with the attractive baroque town above. These "Sassi"
Sassi di Matera
were declared World Heritage by UNESCO.
Food: Basilicata's cuisine is laced with various chilies. Famous and delicious also the home made cavatelli pasta. Another typical pasta dish is calzone n'truppice (folded over pasta shells in a meat sauce).
Wine: Aglianico del Vulture red DOC

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