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Italy > Calabria

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About this region of Italy - Calabria:

Calabria is Italy's southernest mainland region. It has had its share of poverty and natural disaster but still it has fantastic scenery and great beaches.
Two of the main cities, Cosenza, lying just inland of the Tyrrhenian coast, and Reggio, at its southern tip, lie within the shadow of the forested slopes of the Sila massif and the craggy wilderness of Aspromonte, respectively, and Cosenza
also holds Calabria's most compelling old centre.
Densely forested, and the highest, most extensive part of the Sila range, the Sila Grande
Sila Grande
has Calabria's main ski slopes as well as the region's three principal lakes.
The great massif of Aspromonte
is the last spur of the Apennines on the tip of Italy's boot.
Food: The bergamot fruit. Red onions of Tropea. Hot Nduja, made from pig's fat or 'lardo', kidney and the lungs of the animal and extremely hot. Calabrian salumi such as Capocollo Calabrese (deboned loin of the pig), Calabrian Sausages (back and ribs of the pig).
Wine: Cirò, Greco Nero, Ciro Marina

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