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About this region of Italy - Latium / Lazio:

Beyond Rome, the region of Lazio inevitably pales in comparison. Much can be easily seen on a day-trip from the capital, not least the ancient sites of Ostia Antica and the Roman Emperor Hadrian's villa at Tivoli
Ostia Antica
Ostia Antica
served as Rome's port city for several centuries until the Tiber changed course. What has been excavated here is a remarkably intact Roman town in a pretty park like setting.
Northwest of Rome lie Etruscan sites on coastal hills such as Cerveteri, the fortified Tarquinia and Tuscania
Tuscania in the
Province of Viterbo
with its medieval city walls.
Worth your while is the lovely town of Bomarzo east of Viterbo. It's home to the famous Parco dei Mostri
The Monser's Park
in Bomarzo
(Monster's Park) with fantastic sculptures.
Food: Pecorino romano cheese, Roman Artichokes, Porchetta at the Roman Castles, zucchini flowers.
Wine: DOC wines Colli Lanuvini, Colli Albani, Frascati Bianco, Marino Bianco

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