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About this region of Italy - Molise:

Molise was established in 1965 after splitting from Abruzzo to the north and has more in common with southern than central Italy. Much of the region still seems to be struggling out of its past, its towns and villages victims of either economic neglect or hurried modern development.
After Valle d'Aosta Molise is Italy's smallest region and lends itself to a few days' exploration: its mountains have much of their original woodlands and grasslands and many of the archaeological sites
Pignatelli castle
have not been discovered by tourists yet. Thanks to its wild landscape it is considered one of the most important green areas in Europe.
Molise still has a scattering of low-key Roman ruins - most interestingly at Saepinum
, Italy's most complete example of a Roman provincial town. In the village of Ururi there's an annual chariot race. Molise offers lots of possibilities for hiking. A must is the trail up Monte La Gallinola
Matese Mountains
The Gallinola
in the Matese mountains.
Food: Lots of typical dishes such as liver sausage and several delicacies made of pork meat. Molise is the primary producer of white truffles in Europe.
Wine: Biferno DOC and Pentro DOC

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