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About this region of Italy - Sardinia / Sardegna:

Sardinia is 180 km off the mainland Italian coast and is about 260 km from north to south. The island is unique and enigmatic. The mysterious stone nuraghi
Nuraghi remains near
, ancient stone towers, hint at the lifestyles of prehistoric settlers.
The capital Cagliari has impressive architecture and churches in a variety of styles.The other main ferry port is Olbia in the north, little more than a transit town but well geared for accommodation and conveniently close to the jagged northern coast. It is worth making a detour to the fascinating nuraghe of Su Nuraxi, outside the little town of Barumini. The Costa Smeralda
Costa Smeralda
, a few kilometres distant, is Sardinia's best-known resort area.
Inland, Nuoro has impressive literary credentials and a good ethnographical museum. As the biggest town in Sardinia's interior, it also makes a useful stopover for visiting some of the remoter mountain areas, in particular the Gennargentu
The national Park
of Gennargentu
national park, covering the heart of the island.
Food: Pane Guttiau, the sacred Sardinian bread made of very fine round crispy layers and the base for many other Sardinian dishes such as 'panni frattau' which also includes eggs, onions, pecorino cheese, tomatoes and meat broth. Sardinian sweets are noted throughout Italy such as Pardulus (small 'paste' or soft pastries filled with ricotta cheese further sweetened with sugar, saffron, vanilla and lemon or orange zest) and Torrone (soft nougart bar).
Wine: Alghero DOC, Arborea DOC, Terralba DOC, Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

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