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About this region of Italy - Umbria:

Often referred to as "the green heart of Italy", Umbria is a predominantly beautiful region of rolling hills, woods, streams and valleys, and despite the growing number of visitors has largely retained an unspoilt air. Umbria is the home to quite a few interesting sights and towns. The steep hills and deep valleys make the routes from one town to the next a challenging and picturesque drive.
is the best-preserved medieval hill town of its size. Buitoni, the pasta people, have a big works, and Italy's best chocolate, Perugino, is made here.
The legend of St. Francis dominates the hills of Assisi
Church of St. Francis
of Assisi
attracts several million pilgrims yearly. The Basilica di San Francesco offers extraordinary frescoes by Giotto. The Cathedral of Orvieto
Orvieto Chathedral
is one one of the greatest Gothic buildings in Italy.
The walled hill town of Gubbio
to the north of Perugia is one of the most perfect medieval centres in Italy while the inviting town of Spoleto
Spoleto panorama
with its medieval attractions and superb natural surroundings is regarded by many as THE outstanding Umbrian town.
Food: Castelluccio Lentils, ancient Norcia ham, dried sausages come from a mixture of belly and pork remnants.
Wine: Montefalco Sagrantino, Torgiano Riserva, Rosso Orvietano

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