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Central Italy > Valle D'Aosta

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About this region of Italy - Valle d'Aosta:

Valle d'Aosta is Italy's smallest region and its national park offers magnificent scenery, fringed by Europe's highest mountains, Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn.
The central Aosta valley
Monte Cervino
in Valle d'Aosta
cuts right across the region, following the River Dora to the foot of Mont Blanc on the French border. Along the river are most of the feudal castles for which Valle d'Aosta is famed. The best preserved medieval fortress in Valle d'Aosta is the Castello Fénis
The Castello Fénis
, built in the mid-14th century.
The city of Aosta
Piazza Chanoux
is at the junction of two of the important roads that connect France and Italy. It is the only town of any size and, with its attractive cobbled streets and good shopping, makes an excellent staging post on the way to the smaller mountain resorts.
Gran Paradiso
Nivolet Plain in the Gran
Paradiso National Park
is Itlay's largest national park, spread around the valleys at the foot of Gran Paradiso mountain. The park's three valleys – Cogne, Valsavarenche and Val de Rhêmes – are popular, but tourist development has been cautious and well organized.
Food: Toma cheese, a type of cow's milk cheese produced throughout the Alpine arc of northern Italy. Mountain herbs. Café à la cogneintze, a mouthful of boiling coffee, grappa, red wine, sugar and a dose of lemon then reheated over an open flame.
Wine: Blanc de Morgex, Nus-Malvoisie Fletri

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