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Central Rome > Area Testaccio / Aventine Hill

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About this area of Rome - Testaccio & Aventine Hill:

Built in the 6th century BC during the time of the Tarquins, the Circus Maximus

, between the Palatine Hill and the Aventine Hill, was a track used primarily for chariot racing. It could seat 250,000 spectators. When the dark days of the 5th and 6th centuries fell, the Circus Maximus seemed symbolic of Rome's complete ruin. The last games were held in AD 549. The Circus Maximus was never used as a sports venue again, and the demand for building materials reduced it, like so much of Rome, to a great dusty field. The recent Live8 concert was held here.
The Terme di Caracalla
Baths of Caracalla
were built between 211 and 216 and were one of the most beautiful and luxurious public bath complexes in Rome. Equipped with sophisticated plumbing systems, the complex could hold up to 1,600 bathers. These baths were still in use in the VI century until the invasion of the Goths in 537 who destroyed their feeding aqueduct.
The Pyramid of Caius Cestius was built during the reign of the emperor Augustus, probably between 18 and 12 BC. It is a remarkable monument, made of white Carrara marble and exactly 100 Roman feet (30 meters) high. The peculiar concept of a pyramid
The Pyramid of Cestius
in Rome must be linked to the fact that Rome had conquered Egypt a few years before, in 30 BC, and the ancient culture of the new province became fashionable for a while. In the third century the monument was incorporated in the Aurelian Walls.
Orange Garden
The Giardino degli Aranci
(Giardino degli Aranci or Parco Savello) offers one of Rome's most picturesque gardens, with a beautiful view over the city. The citrus fruit plants in it were placed here in 1932 in commemoration of the Spanish orange tree brought to Rome by St. Dominic in 1220. This tree, according to tradition the first planted in Italy, still miraculously exists in the garden of the monastery of Santa Sabina and can be seen through a hole in the wall of the church portico.
Area highlights: Circus Maximus - Piramide - Terme di Caracalla - Parco degli Aranci

Hotels, Hostels and Bed & Breakfast in this area of Rome:
Hotel Abitart

The brand new Abitart Hotel is situated in the heart of the lively Ostiense/Testaccio quarter of Rome, just a few steps from the Cestia Pyramid, Circus Maximus, the Colosseum, the Caracalla Baths, the characteristic district of Trastevere and many other historical and archaeological sites of Rome. This unique hotel features creative, stylishly-furnished interiors, inspired by contemporary artists and artistic trends, and a range of high class services and facilities.
Hotel Abitart, Via Pellegrino Matteucci 10/20, Rome - booking - read more...

Hotel Villa San Pio

Rome Hotel Villa San PioOn the exclusive Aventino Hill, in the heart of Rome's historical center, lies Hotel Villa San Pio, part of the Aventino S.Anselmo hotel group. The hotel has won the Gambero Rosso award in 1998 and 1999 for the best value for money. The elegant rooms with stylish furnishings, decorated walls and doors and marble bathrooms with Jacuzzi, are the perfect setting for a romantic or business stay. All rooms have a hairdryer, air conditioning, mini bar, satellite TV with Internet access and telephone.
Hotel Villa San Pio, Via di Santa Melania 19, Rome - booking - read more...

Hotel Aventino

Rome Hotel AventinoThe tiny and pretty hotel Aventino, an annex of hotel S. Anselmo, is located in Rome, in a 19th century villa. Its elegant and peaceful setting and the most modern amenities it is furnished with, make hotel Aventino the ideal accommodation option for a perfect stay in Rome. The elegant rooms and most bathrooms in marble with Jacuzzi, are the perfect setting for a romantic or business stay. All accommodations are equipped with hairdryer, air conditioning, mini bar, satellite TV with Internet access and telephone.
Hotel Aventino, Via San Domenico 10, Rome - booking - read more...

B & B Le 4 Meraviglie

Rome B & B Le 4 MeraviglieLe Quattro Meraviglie Bed & Breakfast lies in the characteristic Ostiense-Garbatella neighbourhood just south of Rome's historic centre. Housed in a delightful 120 square-metre apartment, the B & B offers a quiet and comfortable, fully renovated environment. The inn features four charming guestrooms, each tastefully decorated and equipped with a private bathroom with shower, adjustable air conditioning, colour TV, DVD player, mini bar and safety deposit box.
B&B le 4 Meraviglie, Via della Moletta 17, Rome - booking - read more...

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Insider's Tip:
Do you like peeking through key holes? You will find a very special one in the Aventine Hill area then! The keyhole in the large green doors of the Priory of the Knights of Malta offers a memorable view of the dome of St. Peter's Basilica.

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